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Healthcare providers often don’t have the time, support staff, or specialized skills to help HIV patients adhere to their HIV meds in an ongoing way. Yet ongoing medication adherence support is exactly what many HIV patients need. Medication non-adherence not only hurts the HIV patient, but threatens public health, and increases costs for clinics and insurers.

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Taking Your Healthcare Practice to
the Next Level

Memento Saves Time

Memento is a web application that allows providers to support HIV med adherence for a large volume of patients in little time. Memento combines pill reminders with motivational & educational text messages (our “secret sauce”) sent directly to patients’ cellphones or (no mobile app required).

Memento is Powerful

Memento engages the HIV patient everyday in their care journey. If a patient starts missing pills, Memento alerts the provider. Providers can message patients in real-time before non-adherence becomes a crisis.

Memento is Accessible and Bilingual

Memento can be used by patients who do not own smartphones or have difficulty with mobile apps or lack internet access. All patients have to do is read a text. Plus, Memento is available in English and Spanish. ¡Estamos aquí para usted!

Memento Creates Extra Value For Clinics With 340B Pharmacies

Memento can help clinics that have a 340B pharmacy not only improve patient health, but create revenue that allows them to serve more people.

Memento’s "Secret Sauce" For Patient Behavior Change

Our science-based behavioral change formula addresses factors unique to non-adherence in HIV. Our automated and tailored messaging provides continuous support for HIV patients to take their meds, adopt healthy behaviors, and become more engaged in their healthcare.

Memento is Better Than a Patient Portal

Messages on patient portals are often never seen. Memento can solve this problem, too. With customizable group or individual messaging capabilities, providers can be confident that patients will see an urgent message sent through our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. 



Our Experts

EHG is a team of behavioral scientists, pharmacists, and infectious disease specialists with real-world research and clinical experience. Through user-centered design, EHG adapts and culturally tailors its science-driven products for the needs of underserved patient groups. All our products have been developed with NIH funding. By triangulating behavioral theories, disease expertise, cultural adaptation, and tech development, we offer healthcare providers a unique, time-saving, and cost-effective approach to improve patient care.

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“The most valuable aspect of Memento is that it makes patients feel that our clinic ‘has their back.’ Our clinic is not just a place that they come to every few months. Memento is constantly in touch. These touches are so important.””

Infectious Disease Pharmacist



Let’s Work Together

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